Security Signs

Custom yard/security signs are made from recycled aluminum. These fully assembled signs are made in the USA and customized to your specifications.

We can manufacture custom security signs as large as 30″ x 40″. But generally security signs with aluminum poles are 10″ wide or less. All signs are custom cut to your design specifications. This allows you total freedom with designing your sign. We offer spot color printing as well as 4-color process printing.


Security signs are used to warn people regarding a property’s secure premises. Security signs are used outdoors and meant to last for many years. Security companies and alarm companies use these aluminum security signs for homes and businesses. In addition to providing a level of comfort for the homeowner, the signs help to advertise the business of the security company.

Width:  The standard width is 0.024” aluminum. This width allows us to emboss your design. You can also request a thicker 0.040” width. This width cannot be embossed. Just let us know if you prefer the thicker flat version.

Die Cut Shapes: Security signs should be designed to provide a symbol of security and protection. Many signs are designed in the shape of a shield or badge. As if the sign is standing guard, ready to stop all intruders. A powerful statement for a little sign.

We do not have any in stock shapes for security signs. All signs are custom created for each customer. Our team can customize each size according to your requirements and design specifications.

Fully Assembled: Our signs are delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Safety Caps: Each sign has a safety cap at the top to prevent injury as well as stop debris and and water from gathering inside the aluminum stake.

Rust Proof Rivets: In order to help maintain the life of each sign, we use rust proof rivets in all signs. Signs can be used outdoors for many years without failure.

Aluminum Stakes Included:  We offer 24″ and 36″ length of aluminum stakes. The length really depends upon the placement and use for the sign. Many companies order both lengths. Naturally, if you require a custom length, just provide your specifications when ordering.

Engineered for Outdoor Use: We understand that you want a sign that will last a long time. These signs will be placed in yards, parking lots and remote places.  They need to be durable and easy to read. Aluminum is an ideal material for indoor/outdoor use that will not rust. It is strong and remains durable for many years. Our security signs are made from aluminum to insure a long life. Aluminum also makes the signs lightweight and easy to store.

Our top-notch printing and detailed embossing will add a high perceived value that compliments your already exquisite brand. If it’s more visibility or exposure that you’re after, our signs can help you reach your marketing goals. You get one chance to make a lasting impression, let our embossed security signs help you make a memorable lasting impression!

Custom shapes signs require custom tooling. We do charge a tooling fee that varies depending on the size and detail of your design.


Minimum Order: 50 signs
Production time: The standard lead time is 4 weeks after the proof has been approved.

To receive a quote for your security sign, please send an email with the following information:

 Your name and delivery address
 Attached artwork and provide all specifications for size and colors. Tell us what you want. Stake height?

After having received your artwork and specifications, we will provide a written quotation. Pricing depends upon the order quantity and the size of each sign. All signs are made in the USA.


Custom security signs allow you to be as creative as the limits of your imagination. We can print anything and die cut any shape for you. Our production capabilities allow us to print 4-color process or spot colors and beautifully emboss your custom sign.

Although we can manufacture custom metal signs as large as 30″ x 40″, most security signs for yards are 10″ wide or less.  Please include the dimensions for your sign in your specifications.

The standard width is 0.024” aluminum, which allows us to emboss your design.  If you prefer a thicker flat sign,  you can also request 0.040” width. This width is too thick to emboss. Just let us know if you prefer the thicker flat version.

Please contact us if you have a special shape that you would like us to produce. We will gladly provide a quote based upon your specifications.


Please refer to our Artwork Page to learn about creating artwork for custom security signs for yards and buildings. Since all security signs are custom, we do not offer any templates. When creating your artwork, please remember to include the location of the rivet holes so that you can create artwork which will not interfere.