Templates are used by graphic artists for the creation of artwork. Templates show the correct dimensions and placement of holes so artwork can be adjusted.

  08-1218  12″ x 18″ Heavy Duty Sign (.080)  08-1218
  08-1818  18″ x 18″ Heavy Duty Sign (.080)  08-1818
  08-1825  18″ x 24″ Heavy Duty Sign (.080)  08-1824
  1218PS  12 x 18″ Parking Sign (.080)  1218PS
  1818PS  18 x 18″ Parking Sign (.080)  1818PS
  1824PS  18 x 24″ Parking Sign (.080)  1824PS
  5012-AS1  Arrow Signs  5012-AS1
  5012-AT  License Plates  5012-AT
  AT-4C  4 -Color Process License Plates  AT-4C
  5012-BC  Bottle Cap Signs  5012-BC
  5012-BCX  Large Bottle Cap Signs  5012-BCX
  5012-BP  Bicycle License Plates  5012-BP
  5012-BS  Banner Signs  5012-BS
  5012-CB  Chalkboard Signs  5012-CB
  5012-CP  Capsule Plates  5012-CP
  5012-CS  Circle Signs  5012-CS
  5012-DLS  Double Light Switch  5012-DLS
  5012-EP  European License Plates  5012-EP
  5012-KT  Key Tags and Hang Tags  5012-KT
  5012-LR  Fence Signs | Rider Plates  5012-LR
  5012-LSP  Single Light Switch  5012-LSP
  5012-MSTR  Mini Street Signs  5012-MSTR
  5012-MT  Motorcycle Plates  5012-MT
  5012-MT-LG  Large Motorcycle Plates  5012-MT-LG
  5012-OV  Oval License Plates  5012-OV
  5012-PEN  Pennant Signs  5012-PEN
  5012-PS  12″ x 18″ Signs  5012-PS
  5012-PX  12″ x 24″ Signs  5012-PX
  5012-RI  Route & Interstate Signs  5012-RI
  5012-SP  8″ x 12″ Signs  5012-SP
  5012-SSD  Deluxe License Plates  5012-SSD
  SSD-4C  4 Color Process License Plates  SSD-4C
  5012-STR  Street Signs  5012-STR
  5012-SX  Small Xing Signs  5012-SX
  5012-WB  Dry Erase Board  5012-WB
  5012-XS  Large Crossing Signs  5012-XS
  COR1218  Corrugated Signs  COR1218
  AS1824  18″ x 24″ Custom Shape Sign  AS1824
  AS2424  24″ x 24″ Custom Shape Sign  AS2424
  AS2436  24″ x 36″ Custom Shape Sign  AS2436